Arresting Eyebrows

by Roi World
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Oct 27 2012 10:25PM

This is cool!
Mar 19 2012 11:03AM

Number 1: Why is everything JAPANESE??!! WE ARE IN FREAKING AMERICA!!
Number 2: This game is lame.
Dec 16 2011 10:54PM

she needs more fuc*ing eyebrows
Jun 20 2010 5:46AM

2 of my bfs r japanese but f dis girly sh*t by da way its so lame
Sep 13 2009 4:21PM

Who would play a japanese game?
Aug 15 2009 3:29PM

I made her look stupid and ugly, then I made her beautiful. And yes, it is possible to make her look beautiful.
Jul 7 2009 3:26PM

who would enjoy this game?
Jun 20 2009 6:37PM

Whi iz evreething japaneeze? i dont get it.
Apr 17 2009 2:16AM

i made her look like a b****
Nov 14 2008 4:28PM

I made her look soooooooo good!! im sooo----- good!!

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