Bubble Bobble 2

by Taito
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Mar 12 2011 11:54AM

I cant play this stupit game cause I dont know what the starrt button is!??
Jun 6 2010 1:11PM
dezi dez

what dose it mean to press the start button???
Mar 3 2010 9:15AM

i can get mad if i keep continue playing this ****ing game. new improved game is better than old classic games coz the controls are far apart from each other and making us confuse. plus the monsters are moving so fast and cant catch up!! urgh hate this game!!!
Sep 27 2009 3:21AM

i dont like this game and i dont like the music either
Jul 29 2008 7:45PM

Same as mamaz its not called start i got so ****in mad at this ****. i funkin hate this game whe i started it fukig dush bags!!!
Feb 29 2008 8:21PM

once you get used to the keys it realy turns out to be fun
May 11 2007 3:12PM

I have not played yet cause the stupid computer is on the bad day meaning it's sick!!lol lol
Feb 14 2007 12:46PM

same as mamaz
Feb 14 2007 12:45PM

you press ctrl when you at the start part
Dec 26 2006 7:24PM

yea da person "i dont no u" o r sm ****like dat..ur stupid or wat ?.. u press da "ctrl" button..duh dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 27 2006 11:40AM

Brillint ....I just want to contragats who made this game Because It's very intresting which makes everyone Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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