Bart Simpson Saw Game

by Inkagames
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Jul 3 2012 1:55PM

exactly when do u mix doll bomb with lighter???
Apr 30 2011 6:08AM

to get passed itchy and sratchy fill up 2 wine glasses with poison then put it on a trolley 2 receive the bomb. Then 2 get passed kodos use the triangle that u find in the music room and his glass cover will shatter. after that 2 get moe out of his bar use the lighter that u find in the same room as the triangle on the rubbish bin but u have 2 have the cell phone charged 2 call him and the number is 282930 and you'll find in his bar a puppet doll. Use that with the bomb and lighter 2 get passed the bullies, then you'll meet his evil twin brother hugo, while ur tied up get santa's little helper to jump up 2 the book shelf 2 push the bowling ball so it knocks him out. then u'll get the bowling ball, a shoe and pliers to pick up the uranium 2 put in the battery u found in the janitor's closet. Place the battery on the 1st lead so when sideshow bob sings he'll get electricuted. to get bart free use the knife that's between his feet and he'll b free. to get the security code the numbers r on the light covers, type them into the panel and ur out of the skool hooray!!!

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