by Psy City
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Oct 1 2010 8:54PM

It takes a long time to slow down when you are going really really really fast!
Sep 12 2010 6:43PM

o m g i left my guy alone and he flew over mountins into space and then to just a blank screen
Aug 28 2010 3:29PM

I don't get this game why do people post crap like this!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27 2010 6:45PM

now this is a clasic and the music go kk rider...i mean this is awsome realy good music
Jul 23 2010 5:08PM

This game is stupid
Mar 3 2010 9:03AM

most of the classic games their quality and the pixel very low and bad. notice that
Oct 24 2009 10:08PM

if u get high enough on endless game u can see the sun and theres like a mad face on it i got into space though its pretty hard
Aug 11 2009 2:22PM
Clarks rule!

this is the best ****ing game ever made i feel bad for viruces becouse ididn't see the picture obove the metetroid ship ether.
Jul 22 2009 11:35PM

there's a picture above the metroid ship... but my computer wont let me see what it is. does any one else know? (it took me Endless hours to find it)
Jun 26 2009 8:25PM

yall niggas need 2 stop haten on da ****in ol school dat just shows dat yall stupit motha ****as dont no **** bout da ol sckool. na go **** yall selfs and ya ****in momma
Jun 9 2009 4:57PM

the game is kind of dumb and stupid
Jun 1 2009 7:00PM

th8is is a good game give these people sum credit
May 11 2009 7:35AM

This freaking sucks
Jan 22 2009 6:27PM

THis sucks
Dec 12 2008 4:54PM

give me a B give me a O give me a R give me an I give me a N give me a G WHAT dose the spell? BORING
Nov 11 2008 6:38PM

I dont really like it .
Mar 22 2008 6:14PM

just ok
Mar 10 2008 3:26PM

I love this game!
I like the music, Its off of Animal crossing
Great Job! rated it 5
Jan 3 2008 2:16AM

I really like this excitebike game. Its better than the older one.
Nov 29 2007 8:44AM

This is a waste of ****ing valueable time
Jul 10 2007 11:34AM

this is a cool game but they should make some more in space
Jul 1 2007 7:40AM

this was ****ing gay.
May 18 2007 9:40PM

I can't evev cotrle me moterbick
Feb 9 2007 7:29PM

this game is a retarded game.don't play it.it is a waste of your time.****it.
Jan 1 2007 5:27PM

this game is the best way better then found lost

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